Why exclusivity beats multi-agency recruitment

Why use one recruitment agency exclusively when considering your next appointment?

Exclusively appoints one agency for an agreed period of time. An exclusive relationship makes the recruiter more accountable for delivering results; they are your ambassador and stand to lose more. It ensures you get complete attention and, most importantly, the best candidates for the campaign rather than general registrations going to every client a recruiter may be working with.

Using multiple recruiters appears ‘safer’ however this is a crucial appointment and it isn’t about ‘fastest finger on the trigger’.  The key factor is attracting the right individual and they can be put off if they receive a call from 3 different recruiters…it dilutes employer brand.

Moreover, you as an employer are able to find candidates on the market without paying an expensive recruitment fee; it is the talent not on the market, more often than not, that you will be interested in.

Finding exceptional people for your business is challenging, especially in a competitive market, so we need to nurture interest and present it as a logical, progressive career move to the discerning candidate.

At Adjacency we pride ourselves in the detail, we don’t perform a speedy data base search, but a thorough, detailed talent search including our extensive network of passive individuals. All candidates are met by a consultant. We discuss the role and your organisation in detail, to ensure we present the most appropriate talent. You will receive an appraisal of candidates, not just a CV.

You are paying for a service, do you need numerous CVs, ultimately leaving you with the task of going through a shortlisting process. Opportunity cost should be considered. We encourage you to consider the value of the appointment not the cost to recruit.

When making the decision about who to engage, don’t choose on price. Understand the recruiters’ values, specialisms and experience; they are representing your company and you need to trust them.

If you are still unsure if exclusivity is for you please call our office for a confidential chat on

Cheltenham 01242 226971: Exeter 01392 357569

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