The not-so-secret recipe to achieving success!

Significant research has been conducted into the common traits of top performers. Whether it’s business, academic or sport, top performers share common habits, drives and attitudes.

In spite of our modern obsession with shortcuts and quick fixes, you don’t get to the top in any field without putting the necessary work and effort in… practice and consistency are key. Top performing individuals commit to putting in the effort every single day, they actively seek to learn from others, take a proactive approach to feedback, and have a willingness to go the extra mile.

Hiring great people is one of the biggest challenges’ leaders face, followed by effectively identifying, developing, and retaining these high-potential individuals. 

When recruiting you need to be as sure as possible that the person you are hiring has as many of these ‘top performance’ attributes as possible, however, getting an accurate feel for a person’s traits and values at interview is admittedly difficult. 

At Adjacency, our business has established itself upon on mutually beneficial relationships. We fully understand the candidates we represent; spending time exploring their strengths, areas for development and, every bit as important, their decision-making criteria for a career move.  We similarly need to have a clear understanding of what a client seeks from an individual and why the organisation is the right place for an individual to excel. 

Whether you are thinking about the next step in your career, or looking to recruit, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.


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