Sierra Nevada 2019

Sierra Nevada

Following a fantastic year in 2018, we decided to beat the January blues once and for all by whisking our high achievers off to the snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada for a ski trip. Home to the highest point of continental Spain (the third highest in Europe), it’s safe to say the Spanish slopes didn’t disappoint…

The Sierra Nevada Itinerary

As you might imagine, the itinerary involved a lot of, well, skiing. With a total of eight of us in tow, we arrived early on Thursday with full intentions to ski through until Sunday.

Granted, some had more experience than others, with three members of the Adjacency team having no prior ski experience whatsoever. Four in total wisely decided to head to ski school to pick up the basics. For the most part, this worked a treat – although Fran wasn’t quite a natural!

Joe, Michelle and Katie being a more confident ski troop (not forgetting Garth, our token – and may we say, rather talented – snowboarder) frequently tested their abilities by skiing halfway down the slope to the champagne bar. If nothing else, the bubbles helped to even out some of the differences in skill!

Other than that, it was all snow, wining and dining – not to mention some incredibly well-received rounds of cheese fondue…




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