Rocket Scientists Required….

Well not quite…. Watching the Mars Perseverance landings last week, I started thinking about Rocket Scientists; how they are found and who does it. As a recruiter, and space geek, (as well as someone who often uses the phrase ‘it’s not rocket science’), I was keen to see who at NASA is responsible for finding the best rocket scientists and how they do it. The short answer is that NASA has over 400 in-house recruiters who cover all key remits, from admin to astronauts. The team who are responsible for ‘Rocket Scientists’, (yes there is a specialist team), recruit mainly through the Airforces and Institutions of Learning across the Western World. How do they assess them?…. if they can prove themselves against their peer group who are already employed at NASA they are hired.  Sounds simple. Well, that is Rocket Science I guess!

2021 has already shown that positivity is returning to the market. Recruitment is a key indicator to confidence in the economy and we have seen a significant rise in new opportunities coming to the market across the board. If you are thinking of a move, now may be the best time to contact one of our team on 01242 226971 / [email protected] 

Just to clarify, we are not currently seeking Rocket Scientists!


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