Our Values – 4 of 4 – Care

Care in business takes many forms; caring for colleagues, stakeholders, the community and the environment, to name just a few. Taking care of your people is at the heart of creating a great place to work. It’s important to us that we work in an environment where our people are respected, appreciated and engaged. We care about what we represent as a business.

We demonstrate, throughout each and every interaction, that we care. Our processes are people-centric, ensuring that we take the time to really invest in, and partner with, the people and businesses we work with. Human connection is a basic need, relationships matter and how you choose to communicate is paramount. At Adjacency, we are striving to put the human element back into recruitment. We believe that the best interactions are done face to face, and that talking is the key to building successful relationships.

Caring extends beyond our business interactions; we take a proactive approach to being environmentally friendly.  

We support a different charity each year, chosen by our consultants, running fundraising events throughout the year, including our annual charity quiz.

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