Our Values – 1 of 4 – TRUST

At Adjacency, we live our core values in everything we do; with candidates, clients, and suppliers. For us it is just ‘how we act’, however, we will share our values with you over the coming months and highlight why we chose each one, and why it helps us be the best we can be.

“Never underestimate the difference trust makes. Trust is easy to take for granted, in fact, we barely think about it until it’s lost, but once gone it can be hard to regain.

At Adjacency, we believe that trust is built through actions, not words. Empowering and trusting our consultants to ‘own’ their day to day responsibilities is key to how we operate.

Recruitment is built on relationships, relationships between employers and employees, staff and customers, internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. At the foundation of all relationships is trust, and the benefits are clear to see.   

We pride ourselves on being transparent in our interactions with both clients and candidates. Our consultants build trust through a consistent, credible and proactive approach. As an independent consultancy, each and every relationship that we have is valued.

When there is a high level of trust, work is more efficient and more effective. “

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