What is the Sleep Out?

On Wednesday 10th October, Joe will be joining other business leaders across Gloucestershire to sleep out in the open on the grounds of Gloucester Rugby club. After this, he will go to work as normal.

Our director is doing this to raise both funds and awareness for World Homeless Day. This event is organised by CCP (Caring for Communities and People). The Gloucester-based charity works hard with the aim of improving the lives of children, young people, families and vulnerable adults.

It’s impossible to say how many people are homeless worldwide. Walking through the streets of just about anywhere, however, can give us an idea of the scale of the issue. Over the last 5 years, reported deaths of homeless people in the UK have more than doubled. As local authorities aren’t required to count rough sleeper deaths, this finding is likely to be significantly underestimated.


Sleeping out in the cold is an unpleasant prospect by anyone’s standards, but as the temperature starts to drop as the winter approaches, it’s important to remember that it can be genuinely lethal. There are far too many people who – night after night – are faced with no one to turn to, nowhere to go, and nowhere to sleep.

How You Can Help

Joe is trying to raise a minimum of £1,000 to help tackle this issue in our local area, and he (along with the rest of us at Adjacency), would hugely appreciate if you could provide a small donation to help him reach that target.

Here are some of the things your support could do:

  • £5 can provide breakfast for 20 homeless young people living in supported accommodation.
  • £25 will provide a basic breakfast and evening meal for 7 days for a family of 4 living in poverty.
  • £30 will provide a box of essential items for a homeless young person moving into supported accommodation.
  • £100 will help keep the AdvoCab (an outreach vehicle for homeless and vulnerable people) on the road for any emergency.

We hope you can help! In the meantime, let’s hope Joe remembers his thermals…

Click here to sponsor Joe and help the homeless.