Is social media impacting your job search…

These days almost everyone has some form of social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or other social profiles.  So, what does your profile say about you? For anyone currently on the job market, social media can quickly become your enemy and may stop you being considered for that all-important next role.

Social Media certainly has its positives, it’s a great tool to stay in touch with friends and family. We share pictures of ourselves and loved ones, post messages of things that are important to us and let people know about important events in our lives.

There is, however, always a flip side. If you can find someone’s profile, so can a prospective employer — and trust us, they will. Employers now use a variety of methods to determine your suitability and to assess your fit, both within their company, and with existing team members. In addition to CV’s and references, the rise of social media has seen another way to make an assessment. Technology really has changed the face of recruitment over the last few years, providing employers with a very intimate window into our lives.

The fact is, perception is a very powerful thing, and bearing that in mind, you need to be careful of what you post. This is not to say that you shouldn’t post things, but rather, it’s about being mindful of how this might be seen by someone from the outside.

Think about it— if you were to scroll through a stranger’s account, with a view to hiring someone, how would you choose that person? Similarly, what would ring alarm bells for you? This is the way that employers use social media as a recruitment tool. It’s seen as a gauge on how we live and what our values might look like.

Social media can, however, be a positive tool for job seekers when used correctly. A great example of which is LinkedIn. Using it well can make for a great way to showcase passion, achievements, and goals. We would recommend joining relevant groups, posting frequently, networking with other like-minded professionals and updating your profile regularly.

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