How will your company look once this is over?

During these unprecedented times we all must take some time to look in the mirror. ‘Have we done the best by our staff?’, ‘what could we do better?’, ‘are we protecting the business so we have a strong operation for when we are on the other side of Covid-19?’, ‘what will the market look like?’ etc.

Company owners and Leadership Teams must think about what their employer branding will look like on the other side of this global pandemic, not just the financial position or operational focus of their company. Now is the time to start thinking about what your business will look like, what the organisational structure needs to look like, and vitally, who can you attract during these uncertain times that will make you stronger on the other side of it.

As a team, we have spent a lot of time talking to our clients, the business leaders, and specifically the HR leadership teams to get their thoughts on what they believe the future will look like for their organisation. Many feel that this may present an opportunity and they will be in a good position to attract talent that they would not previously have been able to attract moving forward.

This leads them to look inwardly at their current proposition and employer branding.

How a company managed their staff and communicated with them before, during, and after the pandemic took hold of the UK will ultimately be a huge part of their employer branding for the next 18 months +.
Moving forward candidates will be asking recruiters ‘did the company make redundancies?’, ‘did they keep in touch with their team who were furloughed or working at home?’, ‘did they communicate what was being done and the implications on the team at each stage?’.

Too many organisations have not acted or communicated with their team as they should have during this period, and as such have caused some disenchantment, and unfortunately this may come back to haunt them moving forward as their competitors come seeking their previously rock solid, high performing individuals.

With some companies coming out of this stronger than others, a strong Employer Brand and effective Internal Communications are going to be crucial to ensure you keep the team you have and grow the team you need to progress, thrive and succeed in life post Covid-19.



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