How to choose the right recruiter for you

As the recruitment market continues to grow, and new opportunities are flooding the market, many clients who have not been active in the market for some time, struggle to choose the right recruiter to partner with. Adjacency constantly gains clients from candidate referrals, demonstrating that how you treat every candidate you engage with, whether they are successful or not, makes the difference in the long term.

Here are some simple tips for choosing the right recruitment consultancy for your next career move:

Each recruitment consultancy is completely different, and not every consultancy-client relationship will work. With the market as competitive as it currently is for talent, it may be time to evaluate your recruiter and find the right one that best fits your ambitions and specific needs.

Choosing a specialist recruiter: Specialist recruiters will have in-depth industry knowledge of your market, they will have demonstrable relationships within the industry, and they will have built extensive talent pools with quality, highly demanded candidates that they can tap into quickly to find the right people for you faster. Specialist recruiters will add value above and beyond just recruitment.

Checking the experience of the Recruiter: Check the experience of the recruitment consultancy and consultant.  A good recruiter will offer testimonials from clients and candidates that you can contact ahead of building a relationship. For us, the mark of a good recruiter is not just whether they can successfully fill a role, but that they always act with integrity and honesty with their client and candidates, whether successful in placement, or not. The way a recruiter manages rejecting candidates and the communication during the campaign separates the best, from the rest. It is vital you spend time getting to know the consultants who will be working with you, enabling a partnership that proceeds on the right footing.

Setting realistic expectations: Work with your chosen recruiter to understand fully what they will be doing, and when, for your campaign. Set regular reviews to discuss the strategy, the candidates in the mix as well as sharing the market insights gleaned during the process. In this candidate driven market, campaigns can take longer than expected, but getting it right the first time will produce better results and a stronger hire.

Acting like an extension of your business: We take great pride when we successfully place a candidate. Knowing we have enriched the client’s workforce and potential, as well as positively impacted our candidate’s career is a wonderful feeling. Many of our clients tell us that we operate like we are an extension of their business. We do not accept this lightly, we strive always to act as if we were part of their business, positively impacting their Employer Branding and helping define the ‘ideal candidate profile’ of a successful individual for their organisation, ensuring a more cost-effective and time-efficient process moving forward.

Having worked for other recruiters, and having a lot of friends/clients/candidates who have sadly had poor experiences with recruiters who claim to be ‘specialist’ and ‘ethical’ where unfortunately that couldn’t be further from the truth, it is important to choose the best recruitment partner for your organisation.

To discuss the value of the expertise a proven recruitment specialist can bring to your talent management strategy, please contact one of the team at Adjacency. [email protected] / 01242226971


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