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Adjacency provides permanent and interim management recruitment services to a wide range of clients. We source exceptional talent from our existing network of candidates and advertised selection underpinned by networking and referral gathering that leaves no stone unturned. We deliver a robust, value added approach to every campaign we undertake; connecting the right people to the right career option.


We bring expertise and resources to successfully deliver upon Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources and Operations remits up to Board level appointments. Each assignment is dealt with by discipline specialists, with current market knowledge, who will deliver a shortlist incorporating exceptional people from a diverse and multicultural talent pool.

Adjacency, as an independent, has brand value in its people. Success is generated from long term relationships developed with a consistent group of consultants over a sustained period of time. Unlike some of our competitors, our motives are not driven by shareholder value. We have no conflict between what we represent and what we believe businesses look for in terms of service level.

We recognise that the quality of advice we provide on critical human capital issues, the very DNA of our clients’ business, is fundamental to their success and an integral part of our long term relationship strategy. We don’t prioritise clients on volumes or fee rates. Our straightforward approach is to be fair and consistent to all clients by utilising our flair and talent.

Our consultants have a vested interest in influencing discerning candidates to fully understand and appreciate what opportunities our clients can offer; they are ambassadors for client’s businesses. We work with growth-oriented and mature companies within both the private and public sectors and we treat every opportunity as a privilege. We combine national coverage with a strong local presence. Although we have completed assignments for our clients across the UK, our regional focus is on the South West, Midlands and Thames Valley regions.

Talk to us; opportunity lives here.