As a professional services firm our environmental impact is small compared with many other industries. But our clients, our people and other stakeholders still expect us to minimise our impact, and as a responsible business whose operations ultimately rely on natural resources, we want to do everything we can. So, becoming a low carbon and more responsible business is an important element of our CSR programme.

Most of our operational impact comes from carbon emissions generated by business travel and the use of energy in our buildings. Additionally, we work to reduce the resources that we consume in our operations, and the waste we generate.

With the world’s resources being depleted at unsustainable rates and landfill space in the UK rapidly filling up, we’re paying more attention to the lifecycle of materials used in our business, with a strategy to decouple material consumption from business growth and move towards minimal impact.

We have made a long-term commitment to reduce waste and material consumption that progressively adopts the principles of minimal impact – reducing, reusing, recycling.