We’re nearly 20 years into the 21st century and one thing is undebatable: if you want to get in touch with someone, there are a lot of avenues of communication to choose between. There’s instant messaging options on all streams of social media, there’s Facetime and Skype, and of course emails and texts. If you’re a recruiter, sometimes it can be difficult to determine which form of contact may be best to get in touch with a candidate. Messaging them is easier, after all…but is it really the best idea? Not really! Here are our 5 reasons why you should pick up the phone instead:

A Call Eliminates Risk.

Plenty of recruiters and hiring managers do it. They deal with huge volumes of candidates, so many that it would be impossible to keep track without jotting down a note or two to help them remember who’s who. These notes are, naturally, for their eyes only – but recruiters are also very busy. Every so often, one of these personal observations can appear in the inbox of the candidate, which can be awkward to say the least. Thankfully, such a hazard is exclusive to online messaging.

A Call Shows More Engagement.

Making the effort to call a candidate demonstrates that you care enough to take time out of your day to speak to them personally and find out more about what they’re looking for. You might have spent a great deal of time composing a personalised email – but for all they know, you just copy and paste the same text and forward it on to every other person you deal with.

Calls Are More Efficient.

People don’t tend to comb through their emails unless they’re scanning for something important. And if they haven’t spoken to you before, how are they meant to know what a great opportunity it is? A phone call, on the other hand, creates instant interaction and will allow you to cover much more ground.

A Call is a Realistic Introduction.

Sure, a candidate can wax lyrical over email about their extraordinary confidence – and then return from their interview only for you to discover that they occasionally punctuated the long silences with the odd, ineffectual mumble. Speaking to someone over a call will give you a much better idea of what the person is actually like. There is a reason why interviews over the phone exist, just as there’s a reason why interviews over email do not.

Calls Improve Relationships.

Building relationships is at the core of what recruitment is all about. While a face to face meeting is an ideal way to do this, it’s not always a realistic option when it comes to initial introductions. Giving someone a call is less formal and will help you to really get to know your candidate.

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