To be the chosen recruitment partner for our clients and candidates we set out publicly the way we commit to engage in line with feedback and suggestions from our longstanding client and candidate partners. We liaised with clients, candidates, consultants and a number of the UK’s leading HR directors to understand what they would want to see from a truly class-leading recruitment partner. This is our commitment to you.


Our Client Charter


We want to set ourselves apart; we want to be known for exceptional service, care and integrity. Our commitment to you, our client, is:

• We will always act the best interests of our clients

• We are an extension of your business and will always act as an ambassador

• All candidates will be given a positive impression of your business

• We will never compromise your confidentiality

• All candidates who apply for a role will receive written acknowledgement, even if they are discounted at CV stage

• All candidates forwarded will have been met by an Adjacency Consultant

• We will prepare briefing packs for all candidates attending interviews for retained campaigns


Our Candidate Charter


You are a vital part of our service offering; you are our clients too. Our commitment to you, our candidate, is:

• We will give you honest, impartial advice & feedback

• We will listen to what you want and not present remits of no interest or relevance

• We will support you to best represent yourself at interview

• We will never send your CV to anyone without your permission We will never compromise your confidentiality

• We will ensure you are treated consistently irrespective of age, gender, disability, marital status, colour, ethnicity, culture, religion or sexual orientation




Adjacency client
Adjacency candidate
Adjacency client
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