Summer Slump

The sun is out, the birds are singing…and your productivity levels are starting to drop. Let’s face it: there’s something about summertime which makes working in an office less appealing. Everyone is drowsy and listless. You find yourself spending more time gazing out the window, idly picturing yourself lounging by a pool in the Mediterranean than you do focusing on your work. Take a look at our 5 tips to help you get back on track to a successful summer.

Set yourself deadlines.

If you feel like the hazy warm days are slowly but surely turning your brain into treacle, you’re probably not feeling a great sense of urgency when it comes to your projects and commitments. It’s time to make some lists! Decide what you most need to prioritise, and work backwards with your planning from there. Knowing what your next step should be will help you feel more switched on and proactive.


Work in 90-minute blocks.

Biologically speaking, humans can only produce good, focused work for a maximum of 120 minutes before they need a breather. As we’re all less focused in the summer season anyway, it’s best to cut this down into intensive 90-minute blocks. Every time you’ve done an hour and a half of work, give yourself a small break. Stand up and stretch, get yourself a drink, have a little chat with your colleague, or grab 5 minutes outside in the sunshine, before settling down for your next block of decent work.

Shuffle working hours.

At Adjacency, we work late on Tuesdays so we can finish earlier on Fridays. Why? Because everyone wants to enjoy their weekends for as long as possible – and are happy to put in some extra hours during the working week to make that happen. While this might not be an option for all businesses throughout the year, it’s certainly a strategy worth implementing during the summer months. You’d be surprised at the results!

Tidy up. 

Feeling active and in charge of your capability is much harder when your surroundings are in disarray. Bring control into your life by ensuring that your desk and office is clear of clutter. The physical act of organising your things won’t take long but can make a world of difference. Once you’ve done that, why not take the next step with a virtual tidy by cleaning out your inbox?

Plan team days out.

Gorgeous weather can be a distraction for everyone, and often seems at odds with the sedentary nature of an indoor office environment. So why not find a day or two in the summer calendar to combine the two? Plan an office picnic, a team-building BBQ, or even incentivise employees with the option of a trip abroad for the highest performers.