Executive Search

Adjacency Executive Search brings together a wealth of recruitment experience, exceptional networks and a track record for delivering class-leading service and demonstrable success in the £75,000 to £150,000 salary levels.

Appointing a new Director is a strategic opportunity for any business. Our robust process commences with defining the need and ensuring we have a comprehensive understanding of the business; it’s market, its competitors, the culture, the values and strategic goals. Through experience we have refined our process as follows:
We work with you to define the candidate specification. We will invest time in meeting key members of the SMT where applicable to understand the culture and DNA of the organisation before defining our bespoke candidate attraction strategy, projected timescales and our proposed list of parallel and competitive organisations for proactive approaches.
Identification, Attraction And Assessment
Once identified, we will progress relevant candidates to a full competency-based interview. We use our experience and intuition to determine what type of competencies, cultural fit and softer skills are required, not just to do the role, but to integrate and thrive within the organisation. We provide total transparency and pre-agreed regular process updates.
Shortlist Presentation
Once our interviewing has concluded, we will present a shortlist of the strongest candidates incorporated into a document including metrics from the campaign and detailed written assessments of each individual including areas for further questioning.
Offer Management & Transition
We work effectively to ensure a successful offer management process. This starts at the first contact with candidates; we will cover commitment and handle potential counter offers or any possible areas for concern. Once accepted we will maintain client and candidate liaison during notice periods and throughout the early stages of the appointment to ensure expectations are being met.
Our success has been earned by providing the level of detail and personal intuition that only comes with experience of similar campaigns. Examples of what sets us apart from ‘traditional’ search firms include:
  • The person you meet will be the person managing the role from beginning to end.  From candidate attraction to interviewing and throughout the interview and offer stages; most traditional search firms do not offer this personal service.
  • We have an in house research team which allows us to prioritise and manage effectively the outputs for your campaign.
  • You will not be one of a number of similar clients that the consultant is working with. Most traditional search firms operate a sector focus, with consultants working in vertical markets; the result is you could be competing not only with the candidate market, but also that consultant’s other clients for the best candidate. We commit not to compromise our focus by accepting potentially conflicting campaigns.
At Adjacency our aim is to exceed a client’s expectations that will lead to repeat business and testimonials in support of our overall business growth.

Talk to us; opportunity lives here.