Human recruitment

In a market which can be characterised by robotic, global giants that rely on the internet for insight, Adjacency is putting the human element back into recruitment. Recruitment is a sector powered by people for the benefit of people. E-mails and texts pass information between people but do not replace the worth of a good conversation: two people listening to each other’s opinions, ideas and aspirations. People talk; we want to talk.

Our target audience of ambitious candidates, clients and consultants will benefit from the depth of our knowledge, the strength of our network and the personal commitment of our people. Like you, we at Adjacency like to be respected for our sincerity, energy and skills; we also believe each and every candidate and client should be treated with the same respect.
Our life-changing placements bring pleasure and achievement to candidates and success to the organisations they join. When people engage with Adjacency, they know we mean what we say and we say what we mean.

Talk to us; opportunity lives here.